Win Your Ex Boyfriend Back - The Art Every Woman Should Know!


by Emma Audley






  No matter whether the relationship is showing cracks or has broken up, the job to win back your ex boyfriend is truly an art that every woman must learn. You never know when you might need to out it to practice.


  The art of how to win your ex boyfriend back is all about finding the reasons for the breakup and then taking appropriate measures to put the relationship back on tracks. Here are some common causes of relationship derailment along with some recommendations for setting things right:


  • If you go back on your relationship you would notice that a major part of the disharmony is rooted in your own attitudes towards him. Chances are that you have viewed him too critically and every small inadequacy has turned into a major drawback. This has made your boyfriend feel claustrophobic in your company. If you want to win your ex boyfriend back,you have to first accept him the way he is. Stop believing that you can change him to suit your preferences. This is an impossible dream.

  • To win your ex boyfriend back,the trick is not only to overlook many such small inadequacies, but also to allow your boyfriend to hold the reins, most of the time. Without letting him trample all over you, make him feel more ‘wanted’ by seeking help and advice at the slightest opportunity. Men love women playing weak and vulnerable and this is an assured way to win your ex boyfriend back.

  • Though this may sound a bit melodramatic but playing the ‘mystery woman’ role often does the trick to win your ex boyfriend back. If you have split, go your way, instead of sticking around. Leave no trace as to your whereabouts and your activities. This kind of ‘mysterious’ behavior often triggers extra curiosity and your boyfriend could actually launch a search mission to find where you are and what you are up to. You are very close to your goal to get your ex boyfriend back. 

  • If you still have not split but feel the breakup imminent, do not proactively try to probe what is going wrong, etc. This will only precipitate the crisis. Obviously, he is under some kind of stress and under the circumstances, if you want to win your ex boyfriend back,simply let him be. Give him space to re-shuffle his thoughts about you and the relationship. Poaching on his privacy at this time can ruin all your chances to get your ex boyfriend back. 

  • This approach is also relevant after you have split. By following him, sending him text messages or calling him is going to make matters worse. Not only do you appear weak and desperate such actions can not in any way change your boyfriend’s mindset, if he has decided to leave you.

  • Talking about giving space, how much space is right to win your ex boyfriend back? Usually it takes between 4 and 12 weeks for your boyfriend to decide either way. If he truly misses you and has realized your worth during this time, he would contact you. Or else, it might be a wiser idea to move on with your life. Remember you cannot win your ex boyfriend back using emotional blackmail or even on grounds of pity or sympathy.

  • Moving on with your life after the split is also a brilliant way to win your ex boyfriend back.No one wants to be a loser and your boyfriend is no exception. The moment he sees you living life normally, hanging out with friends and having a good time, may be in the company of other attractive men, he is bound to regret the decision of having left you. What is it that he missed and others saw in you? You can be sure to get a phone call from him soon, as this stance has helped you to win your ex boyfriend back.







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