Win Your Ex Back By Using Reverse Psychology -  Hitting the Bull’s Eye!  


by Emma Audley 






 Your main concern is to win your ex back. You could be up to your ears with advice and suggestions as to how to go about it – but you have perhaps never heard of the term reverse psychology  and that also to use it to get your ex back into your life.  


   First of all, reverse psychologyis not a ‘clever’ or manipulative game or trick that you play to win your ex back. All that you are trying to do is to do the opposite of what is expected of you. By doing this, you are not only triggering intrigue, but also giving the right signals (at times it may seem wrong) to your ex.


   The concept of using reverse psychology is not unique in the sense that it is rampantly used to handle several types of interpersonal conflicts – to win your ex back is just another field where it has met with guaranteed and repeated success.


   The second aspect of using reverse psychologyis that it is not a one-step solution program. There are specific steps that you have to take and you take your ex along through all these steps that finally culminate to get your ex backand this time for good.


   The reason why reverse psychology is so successful in winning back ex lovers is because it is very bold and courageous. It does not involve invoking pity or sympathy; on the contrary it projects you as a very strong and decisive individual, a quality most people fall for.


   So what is the first step of using reverse psychology to win your ex back? It begins with the first expectation your ex has about you, soon after the break up. The situation is more or less universally applicable – you would beg and plead with your ex not to take this extreme step. Using reverse psychology means you do nothing of the kind. In stead, agree to the break up and set him or her free.


   The moment you allow your ex to ‘feel’ that he or she has actually won the battle, the unexpected happens! Your ex starts to feel threatened instead of feeling free! This could be your first entry into his or her mind space – an essential pre-requisite to win your ex back.  


   You are ready to take your ex through to the second step of the reverse psychology process – again depending on the second expectation your ex has. It is obviously to see you drown in depression and remorse over the breakup. You are supposed to withdraw into a shell, refusing to socialize or do anything else but sit and sulk. This is the right time to use reverse psychology. 


   You simply carry on with your life, as if the breakup did not even happen! Be with friends, be seen doing workouts, do several outdoor activities and be seen actively socializing. Now this can put any ex in a bit of a fix. By doing these things you have not only occupied a further share of the mind space, but also given the right signal that no one including your beloved ex, is truly indispensable. You have moved several steps up to win your ex back. 


  Reverse psychology also has several add-on benefits. Not only is it a guaranteed way to win your ex back but it also gives you some breathing space and freedom (however temporary it may be) to live on your own terms.  You catch up with old friends, family and perhaps even take that short break that you have been planning for a while. Come to think of it, being in love with one person sometimes makes you stop loving a lot of other people!


   But does using reverse psychology guarantee results all the time? Yes, it could, provided you play out your role with care, caution and wisdom. This is particularly true when you are showing that you can actually live happily on your own. Take care not to overdo this part, as this can make your ex move on, before you could win your ex back. 








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