To Get Your Ex Back - The 'Sex With Your Ex' Route May Not Be A Good Idea!

by Emma Audley



   If you are under the impression that to get your ex back, triggering the sexual urge in your ex could be the most fail-proof approach, think again. Despite the fact that physical intimacy is one of the strongest bonds between a man and a woman that add durability to a relationship, perspectives do change after a break up. In fact, sex with your ex, may throw all your efforts to get your ex back to the wind. 

   There could be two reasons why you are thinking of having sex with your ex: you miss the intimacy and want to recapture those special moments; your supreme confidence on your sexual prowess pushes you to believe that this can be the best bait for your ex to come back to you. You are wrong, both ways.

   Sex with your ex after a break up cannot remain the same, because the mind involved has changed. If your aim to get your ex back is based on grounds of mutual love and respect, then stay out of sex at all costs. Here’s why: 

   A loving relationship cannot survive merely on sex, though it is an integral part of the relationship. Having sex with your ex before other issues are resolved could only complicate matters further. Keep sex on hold till other matters are worked out amicably.

   Sex has no role to play when you are trying to get your ex back. It may soothe frayed tempers temporarily, but does it resolve the core issues that have ruined the relationship? You would be foolish to consider sex as a reward or a motivator to get your ex back.

  • Sex may not have anything to do with love, though in an intimate relationship it does play a contributory role. You would fail to communicate your true feelings of love by having sex with your ex. Neither does sex express your commitment to the relationship nor does it communicate what your true intentions are – to get your ex back.

  • It is quite possible that sex with your ex ends up giving your ex completely wrong signals! That you are dumb and only good in bed; that you are only after his or her body; that you are too stupid to understand any of the finer nuances of love and togetherness, and more.
  • As strange as it may sound, sex while the relationship is going strong can be a great catalyst for better understanding of each others’ needs, etc. But after a breakup, when you are desperately trying to get your ex back, the same physical act can turn into something that is considered manipulative, coercive and misleading.

  • In fact, having sex with your ex could also be misconstrued as one of the compelling reasons why you are trying to get your ex back. This can be very hurting to you, and if you had taken the initiative of having sex with your ex in the first place, this can completely jeopardize your future efforts to get your ex back.

  • Finally, if you want to get your ex back, because you do not want anything to disrupt the physical intimacy you shared and there are no other reasons that you can think of, perhaps you need to get out of the relationship as soon as possible. No relationship can survive long-term if it is based purely on physical attraction.  

   In conclusion, no matter how attractive the proposal is to have sex with your ex and no matter how conveniently you can organize such opportunities to enjoy some close physically intimate moments, you could be completely ruining your chances to get your ex back, if you encourage this idea in your mind.

   Your primary task before you get your ex back is to resolve the issues complicating the relationship. Bringing sex into the picture, before the mental wounds are healed could only complicate the injuries further. 

   To get your ex back, staying out of sex for the moment could be best way for you.





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