To Get Your Ex Back Apply the No Contact Formula in Measured Doses!

by Emma Audley






   If you are trying to get your ex back chances are that you would be advised to apply the famous no contact formula to get quick and assured results. This may put you in bit of a dilemma as on one hand you are desperate to win back your ex and on the same breath, you are also disappearing from the scene, hoping that things would work out just fine without you putting any other effort. 


   But do things really work this way? First of all it seems rather implausible that to get your ex back, you take the simplest route and disappear, with the understanding that the no contact formula will work on your behalf. To get the best out of this result-oriented strategy, you would have to work out a workable plan specific to your own needs.


   Let us face it; to get your ex back is no mean task. Using the no contact formula to the hilt could make your ex disappear for good. At the same time, keeping in regular touch may also ruin your chances to get your ex back.


   Therefore, you need to strike a fine balance between no contact and contact formulas and use the strategies selectively, as the situation demands. In short, play by the ears, instead of getting adamant about following one particular chosen path. Perhaps some tactical guidelines could help you work out your own plan of action that is an ideal mix between no contact formula and a standpoint where you keep some contact:


  1. There is no universal strategy that is applicable to win back ex lovers. This is because every relationship has its own working formula that is unique and typical between the two people concerned. Therefore, when you want to get your ex back, perhaps applying the no contact formula too rigidly may turn the tables against you. Keeping in touch, however sporadically it may be, could be the way to go, or else, you may lose the person completely.

  2. Applying the no contact formula may not be a good idea to get your ex back, if the relationship is a long one and you have known each other for some years. Obviously your ex knows too many personal details about you and your family for you to do the vanishing trick successfully. In fact, your ex may be reasonably put off when you put the no contact formula to practice because he or she would immediately know your whereabouts and activities.

  3. One of the pitfalls of applying the no contact formula that many people face is over-application of the strategy. For how long is the formula effective? Since there is no text book rules to fall back on, you would have to play your cards extremely cautiously as absence for too long from your ex may jeopardize your chances to get your ex back.

  4. Think hard whether to get your ex back, the no contact formula would ultimately result in a win-win situation. A break up is traumatic for both of you. Now imagine your ex waiting impatiently to hear from you or at least get a message from you that things are alright. Time thaws the pain and hurt caused by the break up and chances are that your ex is already in the mood to reconcile. The no contact formula may just put a big question mark on the relationship. Is waiting for you worth the while? 


   As is perhaps evident from the above pointers, following the no contact formula without thinking of the consequences is foolish and may work against your agenda to get your ex back. While the no contact strategy is one of the most fail-proof attempts to win ex lovers, overdoing it may ruin the relationship for good.


   Use your discretion, assess the duration and the depth of the relationship that you shared with your ex and tread on the tightrope extremely carefully, to get your ex back amicably without losing your head.






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