To Get Your Ex Back After Cheating - There Could Be More In Store For You Than You Thought!

by Emma Audley 



   To begin with, let us not be judgmental about whether cheating is right or wrong. The starting point of this discussion is how to get your ex back after cheating. The first thing you need to keep in mind as you embark upon this long-drawn, at times unfruitful exercise is that good times may elude you for sometime now.


   Though there are enough people who get back their lovers after infidelity, we never get to know how long they took to normalize the relationship or whether painful memories still stalk them!


   Nevertheless, if this is the first time you are trying to get your ex back after cheating, you might as well know right from the start, that there could be more in store for you than you bargained for. The whole process of rebuilding lost trust goes through various phases, all of which are critical to the final restoration. Any small slip-up anywhere and you are back to square one.


   Phase 1: Before you attempt to get your ex back after cheating, understand the state of mind your ex is in after you were caught red-handed. Your ex could either be unforgiving or could take a ‘punishing’ stance for the rest of the relationship.


   Since both these scenarios are bad for you, the first thing you ought to do to get your ex back after cheating is to check whether your ex is ready to forget the painful past and genuinely interested to make a fresh start.


   Phase 2: Both of you would experience unprecedented emotional turmoil. You, for having cheated and now having to eat a humble pie and your ex is battling with the concept of whether to continue with you or not. Such turbulent mental states ought to flare up in fights, arguments, blames and more.


   To get your ex back after cheating, though very difficult to do, you need to keep your calm and focus completely on how to restore the relationship. Take whatever comes your way gracefully and do apologize sincerely – even if it falls on deaf ears.


   Phase 3: Perhaps one of the most critical action steps in the whole process of getting your ex back after cheating is realizing the importance of distance and space. After you have apologized and expressed your keen intention to revive the old relationship, do not expect an immediate response.


   Demand and provide space to one another. Though this may seem illogical at the moment, but it is important to leave your ex alone to revisit the relationship once more. To get your ex back after cheating, you too need space to sort out the mess you have created by dividing loyalties.


   Phase 4: This is the last and final phase of the restoration process and can be one of the most long-drawn. To get your ex back after cheating, the bare essentials are: regain lost trust; restore the lost respect; rebuild the same intimacy and finally, to bond more strongly than before.


   The truth of the matter is that all the above may be partially realized or never realized at all. Even if they do, it could take months, if not years for your ex to feel the same way about you as before. If the love and respect for you was strong, it could take less time but nevertheless, nothing happens quickly when you want to get your ex back after cheating. 


   Individual mindset and levels of maturity also play important roles when you attempt to get your ex back after cheating. Forgiveness and moving on beyond the past are qualities that can hardly be tutored. If you are trying to get your ex back after cheating, where your ex always jealously guarded the relationship or is not particularly the forgiving kind of individual, you could be really in for a tough time.


   On the other hand, if both of you decide to handle the crisis more maturely by completely erasing the pain of the past and never even mentioning it in the future, your attempts to get your ex back after cheating could be a fruitful and rewarding experience.








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