Thinking How to Get Your Ex Back? Using Reverse Psychology Is A Great Option!

by Emma Audley



   If you think that being unpredictable is a great way to attract attention here is a golden opportunity to work on it as you try to get your ex back. Many use the term reverse psychology to describe this strategy – you do exactly the opposite of what is expected of you. In other words, you are being unpredictable.


   How does using reverse psychology work to get your ex back? To understand this concept, you have to appreciate that in a close relationship, the couple usually know a lot about each other. They can predict each others’ responses; their reflex actions and even know how the other person is going to react at a given situation, etc. 


   Therefore, after a break-up your partner is almost sure about what you might be thinking and what your next action is going to be. Reverse psychology is doing just the opposite of what your ex is expecting you to do, thereby increasing intrigue, interest and most importantly, you get back in the thought process of your ex once again, this time more forcefully, than ever before.


   What is the first activity plan when you use reverse psychology to get your ex back? You work contrary to expectations – you stop all modes of contact with your ex. No phone calls, no messages and no ‘I am sorry’ flowers or cards. This unexpected silence triggers unending curiosity in the mind of your ex. Are you trying to get your ex back or are you already thinking of moving on? Reverse psychology is working!


   Once you are through with the first activity plan of using reverse psychology, you can push the accelerator a bit harder to get your ex back when you embark upon the second phase. Post break up, you are supposed to be depressed and look lost and morose. In stead, you appear happy, confident and socialize as you used to! Who would ever believe that you are trying to get your ex back?In stead of looking like a loser, you carry your self-esteem on your shoulders. This again is going to put your ex on a spin, as to what could be playing in your mind.


   While playing reverse psychology may work wonders to get your ex back, it works very well on several aspects of your life too. For instance, you keep depression at bay; you suddenly have a lot of time to catch up with old buddies, family, etc; you actually can squeeze in time to visit the gym, and so on. Basically, while your true intentions are to get your ex back, you are also taking some time off to take care of your mind and body.  


   Reverse psychology also does wonderful things to the relationship. First of all, this action helps your ex realize your worth. You are no longer the person who can be taken for granted as you appear so unpredictable! You are no longer the dog that wags the tail seeking extra favors from the master. Though this may sound rude, but the fact of the matter is that breakups usually bring out the worst in most of us and efforts to get your ex back can always be misconstrued as acts of desperation, etc. Reverse psychology puts things in the right perspective.


   Is playing reverse psychology tough? Yes, if your activities are unplanned and done in an inconsistent manner. You can not appear desperate to meet your ex one day, and cease to keep in touch from the next day. Be that as it may, deploying reverse psychology also calls for some strategic thinking.   


   For example, when you apply the no contact formula as part of reverse psychology to get your ex back, play your cards carefully, so that your absence does not put ideas in your ex’s head that you are looking for freedom from the relationship. At the end of the day, you are trying to get your ex back for love, not for playing games.







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