How To Make Your Ex Girlfriend Want You Back? Learn How Her Mind Works To Get Her Back!

 by Emma Audley

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   No matter how hard we try to analyze the past, at times we draw a blank as to why things happened the way they did. The love of your life walked out on you and you are clueless as to how you can make your ex girlfriend want you back.
 Obviously, things did not take such a turn as suddenly as you would like to believe.


   There ought to have been subtle and at times not-so-subtle hints that things were going a bit awry in the relationship – but our man was over confident. You could never believe for a moment that a day could dawn when you would be looking for ways to make your ex girlfriend want you back. Sounds implausible, but there it is!


   However, hope springs eternal from the human mind. All is not lost yet and you could still have strong chances to make your ex girlfriend want you back. But before that, you have to do something extremely tough, though not entirely impossible. You have to know what is in her mind!


   Knowing a woman’s mind is not easy - ask any man who has tried to accomplish this uphill task. But with a bit of time and patience, and of course armed with very true love that you feel for her, you could hope to get her back. Here are some clues regarding what could be going on in your girlfriends’ mind:


  • She wants you to want her but does not want to patch up: Sounds crazy? But then, that is the way it is. She wants to remain desirable to you but would do nothing to get back to your life. The pain she is causing by precipitating the breakup is giving her untold joy. The more you suffer the more she feels assured of your love. 

-             Your action step in such a situation, to make your ex girlfriend want you back, is to play to the tune. Do not proactively try to patch up things. You would fail miserably.

-             When she is going through this type of mental phase, you need to bide your time till an opportune moment crops up when she is more receptive as well as reciprocal to your desire to get your ex girlfriend back.Waiting is the name of the game.


  • The second type of mental phase is when your girlfriend would love to ignore you but would hate to see you move on: Call this a selfish or a demanding attitude, you have to deal with this with as much √©lan as possible if you want to make your ex girlfriend want you back. 

-             Understand why she wants to ignore you, at least in the initial phases of the break up, if you want to get your ex girlfriend back. She feels uncomfortable in your presence and she wants to prove to the world around that this is a no-nonsense woman – the breakup is for real.

-             She will neither return your calls nor respond to your messages. From your side, adopt the ‘no contact’ strategy. If space is what she is looking for, so be it. After all, your end goal is to make your ex girlfriend want you back without losing your self esteem and pride.

-             By herself, she is actually treasuring the call records, emails and the text messages. These are great reassurances for her as you go on trying to get her back.


  However hard it may seem at this point, the real key to make your ex girlfriend want you back is not to send her any message, mails or calls. Remember that it is very likely, deep within, she too wants to get back to you. When you do nothing to re-establish contact with her, she gets the message loud and clear: you are moving on. That is precisely the time she decides to come back. You have successfully managed to getyour ex girlfriend back.




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