How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back? Stick To The Tried And Tested Methods!

 by Emma Audley



   Hell indeed breaks lose when the woman you loved so much decides to walkout. However, you could still manage to get your ex girlfriend back provided you stick to the tried and tested methods. 

   Let us admit, you are not the first lovelorn romantic in this world, wanting to get your ex girlfriend back. There have been millions before you and also millions who are at the moment doing precisely what you are doing. So what is the rule following which most people succeed to get back their ex lovers?


   They just let them go! This may sound crazy when you are thinking of how to get your ex girlfriend back but nothing works better than compliance to the need of the hour. If your girlfriend decides to leave, respect her wishes and stop arguing or trying to talk logic at this point in time. Almost all women want to be in control of the relationships they are in. The moment you say ‘yes’ to the split, the controlling gear shifts from your hands to hers. She loves every moment when she knows that she can play with your emotions. As incredible as it may sound, this is the most tried and tested rule to get your ex girlfriend back.  


   Do not re-invent the wheels: In the context of trying to get your ex girlfriend back, this means not to stray from your chosen goals. To arrive at the goal of whether you truly want to get your ex girlfriend back is perhaps the most important step in this game. Why are you putting in your blood, sweat and tears to revive a lost relationship? Is it because of loss of self-pride? Is it loss of self-confidence?


   If at this stage, you start to think of the reasons why you love her or why you want to get your ex girlfriend back, then there is something horribly wrong with the basis of this relationship. There cannot be any other reasons of trying to get your ex girlfriend back other than mutual love and a deep sense of respect. Sexuality, companionship, intimacy, insecurity are all lame excuses that we re-invent to justify our actions. Try and avoid these emotional pitfalls. Perhaps this is your last chance for getting freedom! You could also look at it this way.


   Now the final key: finding a method in the madness in this whole exercise of trying to get your ex girlfriend back. Essentially, it starts with re-inventing yourself – your mind and body. You would be surprised at how much you know your ex girlfriend and the reasons for the split, if you looked within, rather than look out for blames and scapegoats.


   When you try to find a method in the madness, you focus on self-development. Move on, be with friends and family, and catch up with reading or whatever that you always wanted to do but never got around it. In short, be busy as never before, with things that enrich you in stead of damage you like alcohol, drugs, etc. Perhaps nothing is truer than the saying ‘know thyself’ when it concerns trying to get your ex girlfriend back. The more time you spend time away from her or thoughts about her, the more truths emerge from the cloud of emotions and mental chaos.


   Without sounding philosophical, this is also the time to rediscover the true meaning of the relationship that you are so desperately trying to revive. You understand your inadequacies more clearly and also those of your girlfriend. Such realizations are impossible when you are deeply involved emotionally.








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