Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back - How To Make Him Regret Breaking Up With You!

 by Emma Audley



   Most of us wish to be at the drivers’ seat in a relationship. But if you are looking at ways to get your ex boyfriend back, chances are that he was at the drivers’ seat for a while when he decided to drop you midway in the journey. But all is not lost yet. You can still make him regret breaking up with you by deploying some cleverly-designed strategies.

   Break-ups are bad, especially when they are not done with mutual consent. If you loved your boyfriend dearly, your sense of loss could be catastrophic. You feel lost and hurt. Every moment is spent on thinking of ways to get your ex boyfriend back. But here is an idea, if you care to stop for a while and listen.


   If you want to get your ex boyfriend back, shouldn’t you ideally be working on a permanent solution? This means, you need a plan which ensures that he would never think of leaving you again. You can do this successfully only when you make him regret breaking up with you. Nothing else can give you a guaranteed and secure future, unless he realizes your worth, preferably the hard way.


   Ego-play is perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of a man-woman relationship. Starting from the time they fall in love till they split, it is ego all the way. Look at your ex boyfriend now. As you tear your nails thinking of how to get your ex boyfriend back, what is he thinking? He is actually on top of the world, because he dumped you and not the other way around! This may sound impossible, but this is the way the human mind works. Your take from this, is to change the dynamics of the game.


   The way to go about this and get your ex boyfriend back is stop shedding any more tears. Think positive and feel optimistic again. An important key to make him regret breaking up with you is to make him encounter a happy and content ex girlfriend! Let the signal reach him strongly that you are far more resilient than he thought. Small stresses like a break-up, even when it is with one of the most ‘wanted’ guys in town cannot defeat your indomitable spirit.


   With practice, you can master the skill of appearing completely at ease, when you meet your ex boyfriend. This very attitude can push you up by several rungs in the ladder to make him regret breaking up with you and bring your goal to get your ex boyfriend back within easy reach. Remember, his ego gets a solid beating when he finds that his walk-out did not have any impact on your life. It could be one sure way to get your ex boyfriend back.

   Undoubtedly this is easier said than done. But if you diligently practice this ‘putting up’ act, you can actually forget to ask several trivial questions when you bump into him. You appear a different person at this point and this newness triggers a desire to get back to you. This is also a sure way to make him regret breaking up with you, because at the end of the day, most men adore strong and decisive women.


   You could go one step further and truly make him regret breaking up with you by visiting the same hangouts frequented by him. Take care that you do not appear to be stalking him as this may be counter-productive as far as your efforts to get your ex boyfriend back is concerned. Just appear to have a ball and enjoy life.  


   Finally, do not attract his attention unnecessarily. Making emergency calls asking for help, getting him flowers on his birthday are stupid excuses to make him talk to you. In stead adopt the path of ‘let go’ at the moment. If he calls, return his calls a week later. Appear busy, if he seeks to meet you. In short, to get your ex boyfriend back, remain hard-to-get for sometime. Till you are absolutely sure you have been able to make him regret breaking up with you for now and for good.








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