Effective Tips to Win Your Ex Girlfriend Back! 

by Emma Audley 







  Chances are that this is not the first time that you are trying to win your ex girlfriend back. You did try hard but failed the last time. You suffered in silence but with time the sorrow eased and you decided to move on.


  History has a habit of repeating itself and now you are faced with the same situation. Just the moment when you were feeling comfortable with the relationship, your girlfriend decides to become ex. Having burnt your fingers once, this time you want to be doubly sure that the strategies you use to win your ex girlfriend back is fail-proof and would assure guaranteed success. You hate repeating battling with this kind of mental trauma once again.


  As you know by now, to win your ex girlfriend back can be both easy and tough, depending on how to handle the situation right from the start till she decides to get back or otherwise. Perhaps the first job you have in hand is to decide once and for all, why you want to win her back.Are you feeling lonely and insecure? Did the breakup cause major bruises to your ego? If you can spend some quality time delving deep into your mind you could find the right answer, and you might be in for a surprise at what you discover!


  Let us presume that you did find some good reasons to win your ex girlfriend back. How do you go about it? You can not afford to be slipshod in any stage of the reconciliation, so be strong, motivated and be prepared to face the worse. Here are some rules to guide you:


  1. Be in complete control of your emotions when she decides to breakup. In fact, allow her to leave without uttering a single word of apology, remorse or plead. She wants to be in control of the situation and your pleading makes her feel weak. She would hate you for it and you could never hope to win your ex girlfriend back.

  2. Allow 3 days to a week to pass before you make the first contact. If you want to win your ex girlfriend back without losing an iota of your self-esteem, be as casual as possible during this meeting. Keep the conversation warm but formal. Do not give her a remote inclination that your ultimate intention is to get your ex girlfriend back. Let herkeep guessing as what you are up to and how you are coping with the split.

  3. Keep depression at bay and refrain from doing things melodramatic like getting drunk, etc. In stead, go out with fun-loving friends, laugh a lot and be merry. One of the surest ways to win your ex girlfriend back is to be seen with other girls, not necessarily in any kind of serious relationship but simply having a ball. Keep in mind that she dumped you and not the other way round. If you want to make her realize your worth before you can actually getyour ex girlfriend back,shed those moments of regret and live life king size.

  4. One method that guarantees that you could win your ex girlfriend back in the shortest possible time is to get busy both physically and mentally. Join a gym, go for long walks or get busy with office work – at the end of the day, do not allow your mind to stray into the topic of the breakup. You would not only feel cheerful about keeping your mind and body usefully employed, you could be also triggering slow but steady desires in your girlfriend to return.

  5. Moving on after the breakup also has other fringe benefits. This physical distancing is also giving her space. Both of you are now able to view the relationship in a fresh perspective and realizing its worth. This space could be critical in your future years with her after you have been successful to win your ex girlfriend back. 







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